Vol: 27; Ch: 179
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The monarchy was abolished long ago in Korea – but what if it still existed to this day? Chae-Kyung lives in such a world where Korea’s palaces are filled with royalty and the crown prince Shin has transferred into her school. Her initial run-in with the boy is unpleasant to say the least; but what’s worse, Chae-Kyung soon discovers that she and Shin are forced to be married due to a promise their grandparents made! How can a simple commoner learn to live the life of a princess when she can’t stand her newly beloved husband?

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justjiha's avatar by justjiha on Feb 5, 2015
Score: 9/10

I watched the Korean drama Goong before reading this manhwa, so I couldn't help but compare the two. I think I like the manhwa more than the drama adaptation, because I got to see extra scenes that were omitted in the drama. The story is great; there are lots of intrigue and interesting characters. However, towards the end the story got repetitive and a bit tiring. I truly enjoyed reading this, even though I... read more

MMaru's avatar by MMaru on Jan 31, 2013
Score: 8/10

The concept for this story is interesting, and the art is beautiful.  However, it becomes rather redundant.  The characters progress to a certain point, then it's just a wash-rinse-repeat cycle of them going through the same struggles, very slightly altered.  I will probably read it to the end, but only because a friend is letting me borrow them.  It's not a series I will buy for myself. read more



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