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3.643 out of 5 from 91 votes
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He's small, he's scaly, he's Gon! This tiny dinosaur may seem like nothing but a lazy reptile that lounges around and causes mischief, but he's also a pint-sized powerhouse filled with energy who can defend himself when the right kind of food is involved. Whether he's riding a lion like a horse, stealing fish from the mouth of a giant shark or playing house with a group of penguins, Gon manages to get into trouble on every adventure he takes.

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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Gon TV 2012 Anime Adaptation
Name Role
Masashi TANAKA Artist
Masashi TANAKA Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
I Own YOU Manga! chii 24 Dec 8, 2011
Georgiet read Gon at 7 of 7 volumes
Sormat wants to read Gon
FinBoy96 rated the Gon manga 3/5 stars
Avrstz read Gon at 7 of 7 volumes
Youenn rated the Gon manga 3/5 stars

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Boukun Tyrano-san

Boukun Tyrano-san

One day Ralph, the king of lizards and a proud Tyranosaurus, was hunting for his next meal when a large comet struck  Earth. With no idea what had happened Ralph wakes up to discover that he's trapped in the body of a high school girl named Kana in modern day Japan! Outraged at this turn of events, the grumpy T-Rex has no intention of adapting to his new circumstances. However, with Ralph causing mayhem everywhere he goes there are bound to be consequences, especially when one of his old acquaintances is intent on settling a sixty million year old grudge...

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Both series focus on an unusual T-rex who finds himself in a world where dinosaurs (other than himself) no longer exist.