Gokinjo Monogatari

Alt title: Neighborhood Story

Vol: 7; Ch: 33
4.178 of 5 from 166 votes
Rank #1,245
Gokinjo Monogatari

Sixteen-year-old Mikako Kouda has two loves in her life: fashion, and her childhood friend Tsutomu Yamaguchi. Though she dreams of creating her own clothing brand someday, Mikako's true desires lie with Tsutomu - but there's a problem: he's dating the voluptuous and highly-sought-after "Body-Ko!" The two longtime companions seem to have feelings for each other, but school, other relationships and additional obstacles continue to stand in their way. Will Mikako and Tsutomu ever be together?

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ThePatches Jul 15, 2010
Score 8/10

Story 8/10Completely entranced by Paradise Kiss, I sought out the work's prequel manga, Gokinjo Monogatari because I was so interested in Happy Berry designer Mikako Kouda. Why was her last name different from Miwako? How did Happy Berry come to be? Fortunately, the mangaka's earlier work proved that, even in a more traditional shoujo setting, she can bring a novel look at romance and high school awash with... read more

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