Divine Bells

Alt title: Sinryeong

Ch: 29
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Divine Bells

Divine Bells - they choose their own masters and they determine the status, prestige, and influence of the countries their masters rule. The presence or lack of these Bells also has great consequence in the lives of each country's royalty. In particular, the personal and political futures of King Hong-Ryeong seem doomed without a Bell, but at equally great peril if he obtains one.But are the Divine Bells simple magical charms, deities of great powers, or something else altogether? And when the owner of three of the eight existing Divine Bells dies, leaving them to choose new owners, where will the resulting turmoil lead?

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Carreau Aug 8, 2016
Score 8/10

I don't review things. I felt I needed to do this as a warning. Don't trust the 8 I gave the first "season". It's only for the first season and this Manhwa gets worse and worse as it continues. To me an 8 is only worth the time it takes to read and not inherently good. The second "season" of this is worse and the third and final "season" is literal garbage. I only... read more

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