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Girls Saurus DX

Girls Saurus DX Cover Image
3.516 out of 5 from 327 votes
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Girls Saurus 2002 TBD
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rinnosuke is reading Girls Saurus DX
Roxyslife read Girls Saurus DX at 10 of 10 volumes
Roxyslife read Girls Saurus DX at 10 of 10 volumes
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Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!

Due to his upbringing with a wrestler mother and an equally-as-strong sister who beat him up constantly, Kinjirou Sakamachi would rather die than be touched by the opposite sex. So when the boy accidentally discovers that the dreamy school idol (and butler of the wealthy Kanade) Subaru is actually a girl in disguise, Kinjirou finds his life becomes far more complicated. For in exchange for keeping Subaru's gender a secret, Kanade is determined to cure Kinjirou of his gynophobia, with Subaru's help, once and for all...

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In both series the main character had a tramutic event which led to him being terrified of woman. This leads to humorous events occuring.

They both are very humorous and seem to focus on comedy with a thread of romantic plot. If you like one of them i am sure you will like the other.