Girls of the Wild's



Anudevil13's avatar By Anudevil13 on Nov 14, 2013

Girls of the wild, is one of another good Manhwa/Web Toon out there.

Story- story is set in girls wild high school,the country's best martial arts school for girls,which has just become co-ed this year.

The main character Jae-Gu SONG joins the school due to scholarship and apparently is alone boy at school. He gets a bad start and manages to anger the Queen of school which makes his school life hell,but he can't afford to leave.
Read through as how Jae-Gu SONG struggles to make his life peaceful and that of a Girls high student.

Art- the art us brilliant.Fights are detailed to a very good extent and feel just like real.

GOTW has variety of characters, the Prot Jae-Gu SONG is a weak boy,who has no father with her mother deserting her and his two younger siblings who he has to take care off. He is very poor and in highly pitiful condition, but meeting with  Queen and others changes his life forever .

Queen - she the queen of wild high who has last two tournaments and is undoubtedly the strongest in school. She belongs to a very rich family with VVVIP status. she is shown to have have great power in combat nd society. She is also a bit of tsundere.

Dal Dal is a practitioner  of Taekwondo and is love with sung from start,she likes to hang out with him all day and tries to take a smooch whenever opportunity arises.She is also a great cook

Moon- she is a boxer and very close friend of queen,she is considered second strongest in school.

All this unique char personality add more fun to play.

Overall- Definitely worth a read, recommended for all martial arts and sports lovers

8/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall