Girls of the Wild's


Custom Lists

  • A Love Guard
  • Hot Blooded Woman
  • She's Scary
  • Girls of the Wild's
  • Hoosamguk High

School related by Akatingmo

About High school Some of manhwa have the girl as tomboy or one that likes to fight and never gives up. And other different plot.

  • Action Idols: Age of Young Dragons
  • Black Haze
  • Breaker: New Waves
  • By Chance, We... and...
  • Divine Bells

Manhuas by yayel1256

Manhuas that i have liked so far... Note that they are not ordered by preference.

  • Ajin
  • Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)
  • Gyo
  • Kiss Him, Not Me
  • Girls of the Wild's

Manga that need Anime Adaptations by Jesshikur

Some Manga that I've read that to be made into Anime (will update list as I read more manga)