Vol: 57+; Ch: 531+
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It is the Edo period, an era when samurai are still of great importance - at least they used to be, until all sorts of aliens called the Amanto decided to take over the government and revolutionize Japan so it wouldn't be so uncivilized. In Edo, now a city where anachronism is the rule rather than the exception, Gintoki, a former samurai, tries to make a living doing odd jobs. During the course of his work, Shinpachi, a would-be samurai; and Kagura, an absurdly strong girl, join him. Of course, he has them work for free, how else would Gintoki be able to buy Shonen Jump and strawberry milk, let alone pay for unimportant things like rent if he has to support someone other than himself?

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eneillaj's avatar by eneillaj on Jul 22, 2014
Score: 9.3/10

I actually prefer watching this because I kinda' get dizzy with reading all the lengthy dialogue bubbles in the manga :v Still good though! It's better than waiting for the anime. read more

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