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Gekka no Kimi

Gekka no Kimi Cover Image
3.563 out of 5 from 98 votes
Rank #3,690


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Ako SHIMAKI Artist
Ako SHIMAKI Author

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Mugetsu11 read Gekka no Kimi at 7 of 7 volumes
MaiAsano rated the Gekka no Kimi manga 5/5 stars
MaiAsano read Gekka no Kimi at 7 of 7 volumes
xxSaku is reading Gekka no Kimi manga at 6 of 28 chapters
xxSaku is reading Gekka no Kimi

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1/2 Prince

1/2 Prince


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These to manga's are not very closely related on the surface. For starters, one is based on a virtual reality game and the other, the past. However, they have a unique concept in common. If what draws you to 1/2 Prince, is the dual world of the manga, then you'll like Gekka no kimi as well. In both of these mangas the story takes place simultaneously in two different and separate worlds. The main characters interactions with each other, relationships, and qualms, constantly cross over between the two separate environments, making the stories both complex and interesting. Despite the obvious differences, if you liked one for any of the above reasons, then you should at least check out the other