GE - Good Ending

Vol: 16; Ch: 156
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Seiji Utsumi is a wholly unathletic boy who is infatuated with Iketani, a bubbly and pretty girl in the school’s tennis club. Unfortunately, while he knows exactly how to get the result he wants in dating sim games, he has no intention of attempting to approach his real-life crush and is simply satisfied to admire her from afar. One day, however, the new beauty in his class, Yuki, learns of Seiji’s affections for her senior in the club and takes it upon herself to help him in his romance - and the first step is to get him to join the tennis club! Now Yuki is coaching the lovestruck teen in how to win his love, but are her intentions true, and will Utsumi be able to get the “Good Ending” he desires?

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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Feb 21, 2013
Score: 9/10

Story: I just loved this straight from the first few pages, where the main gets the taste smacked out of his mouth by a rogue tennis ball while playing voyeur on a distant third or so floor with some peeping specs. Comedic moments like these are present throughout, by means of slapstick, comedic dialogue or what have you but never consistent, as interspersed within the pages of this series is some truly... read more

Deadlyidiot's avatar by Deadlyidiot on Feb 18, 2013
Score: 8.7/10

Good Ending certainly has a good story but contrary to it's name, does not have a good ending. The story is amazing, heart wrenching, and tear jerking, I found myself many times with  my eyes watering at this realistic(kind of) love story. I absolutely loved it, the characters were well portrayed and each one had a unique story. The art though was a little bit odd for me as I usually select my manga reads... read more

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