Gate 7

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Yumekui Merry

Yumekui Merry

Sometimes daydreaming can get you into trouble, but what do you do when it's other people's dreams that you have to watch out for? Yumeji Fujiwara's has the unique ability to predict what kind of dreams other people will have. But lately, his own dreams have taken a bizarre turn in which he's being pursued by armies of cats. Stranger yet, Yumeji learns that the leader of the dream cats needs his body to access the Real World. And finally, the strange becomes downright weird when a beautiful girl suddenly drops on top of him and announces that she's a Dream Demon looking for a way back to the Dream World! The fabric that separates reality and fantasy is torn to shreds, and Yumeji has a lot of sleepless nights ahead of him as he has to deal with both the dream stalking and a dream walking!

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Drahken Drahken says...

Both series are about a seemingly ordinary guy who gets drawn into an underground conflict between supernatural beings. Individual battles take place in a sort of pocket dimension which outsiders can't access, but the protagonist in each series somehow gets drawn into them despite this. There are also hints that the protagonist in each series has some super special powers, but none of the characters can figure out exactly what those abilities might be.