Garden (Yuichi YOKOYAMA)

Alt titles: Niwa

Vol: 1
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A group of men arrives at a huge walled garden, only to find it temporarily closed. Their disappointment at not getting to enter does not last long, though, as they stumble across a large gap in the wall nearby. Now inside, they are free to explore the vast garden however they wish. However, the enclosure is not filled with plants and other organic matter, but with bizarre structures like perfectly square lakes, libraries housing impossibly sized books, and glass mountains as far as the eye can see.

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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Jan 10, 2013
Score: 4/10

So, there are these characters, characters as in these... characters. They go into a garden full of geometrical shapes, rife with abstract patterns, constructions and the ordinary made into something obscure and unusual while keeping in the bounds of what we see today: Trees made of cars, mechanical whozawhats in the form of a piece of nature, all sorts of jazz. If you got any of that, then give it a go. If... read more

AirCommodore's avatar by AirCommodore on Aug 1, 2012
Score: 5/10

STORY Despite the middling score I'm giving this, Garden is far from average. I've read a fair share of manga, but have yet to see anything else quite like it, and the atypicalness of the thing makes it difficult to shove into a tidy 10pt scale. As for the actual plot: Some characters break into a garden and explore. Granted, it's not a normal garden: instead of trees and various shrubbery there are huge... read more


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