Vol: 37; Ch: 383
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Kei, a cynical and arrogant high school student, has minimal regard for others; so it's much to his surprise that when he's asked by his elementary school friend Kato to save a drunken bum laying on the subway tracks, he actually complies. However, no good deed goes unpunished, and they are swiftly decapitated by the oncoming train. Kei and Kato awaken in a nondescript room occupied by a black sphere and a variety of other people, and thus begins Gantz's game. In it, the players must face off against aliens in battles where death is inevitable and rewards are minimal. Unfortunately for them, this is just the beginning of their nightmare - at least, for those who manage to survive...

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damosthenes's avatar by damosthenes on Jul 20, 2014
Score: 5/10

What started as an incredible story some where along the line turned to utter rubbish. I'm not sure what happened but maybe about half way through it took a 90 degree turn and never looked back. Characters that only recently were introducted were quickly forgotten and even an entire race (species/evolution) of people that were poised to play a significant role just stopped being written about.  Maybe I'm... read more

JamesGriever's avatar by JamesGriever on Nov 13, 2014
Score: 7/10

This manga has a great start and i loved it very much.... for the first half or so.  The author jumps around ideas about half way into the series and the manga lost it effectiveness for me. read more

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