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Game x Rush

Game x Rush Cover Image
3.285 out of 5 from 40 votes
Rank #4,921


Memori Fujieda is not only a university student, he's also the pretty face of his brother's bodyguard company, taking on important cases with ease. But when the mysterious Yuuki Shin comes along, wishing to join the company, Memori finds himself with an unlikely partner – a partner with a dangerous, deadly secret...

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Mizuho KUSANAGI Artist
Mizuho KUSANAGI Author

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Recently, Japan has been under attack by the terrorist organization ALICE, led by a man known as Zero. The only hope lies with an anti-terrorist police force charged with taking down ALICE, led by a man named Kido and a high school girl named Kasumi whose assassin-like skills are matched by no other. However, there's a catch: she's an ex-ALICE member. Together, the two shoot and blast their way towards the enemy in an attempt to protect the country and rescue Kasumi's brainwashed ALICE comrades, but little do they know that Kasumi carries a dark and dangerous secret...

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RHZ has far more violence, but for some reason the two of these gave me a similar feel. Hired guns, action, mystery surrounding the past of the assailants all exist in these two titles. If you liked one, try out the other.