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Gamble Fish

Gamble Fish Cover Image
4.179 out of 5 from 358 votes
Rank #933


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Kazutoshi YAMANE Artist
Hiromi AOYAMA Author

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Izzy786 is reading Gamble Fish at 19 of 19 volumes
Izzy786 read Gamble Fish at 19 of 19 volumes
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mesterbot is reading Gamble Fish manga at 14 of 19 volumes
mesterbot is reading Gamble Fish manga at 1 of 19 volumes

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There is a strong resemblence between this & the first couple volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh (Yu-Gi-Oh was initially high stakes gambling, before they brought in the card game). If you liked this series, you'll like the first 2 volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh.