Gakuen Alice

Alt title: Alice Academy


Custom Lists

  • Tail of the Moon
  • Fruits Basket
  • Naruto
  • Dawn of the Arcana
  • Gakuen Alice

Favorite Manga by NotSoMagicCarpet

These are the manga that I stayed up all night reading, the ones that held me more than the rest. In the order of which ones I love most.

  • InuYasha
  • Fushigi Yugi
  • Absolute Boyfriend
  • Red River
  • Basara

Romance Manga by Seia

My top Favorite Manga <3

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • King of Thorn
  • Hiyokoi
  • Gakuen Alice
  • Case Closed

better then the anime by flarearah1

in my opinion of course.

  • Gakuen Alice
  • Fly High!
  • Dakishimete! Noir
  • A Kiss For My Prince
  • Absolute Boyfriend

My Favorite Manga by kristenmichella

This is a list of my all time favorite manga! I would definitely read again and still remember almost everything that happened in them because they were just that good! (In Alphabetical Order)