Gakuen Alice

Alt title: Alice Academy


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Romance Mangaby KuroSuzaki

This are the manga that i find satisfying ,cute, touching or jus AHHHH(me fangirling) (/^v^)/

Noteworthy Mangaby BlueDawn

Manga worth checking out!

Licensed in Englishby Yakoz92

List of completed and ongoing manga and light novels that are licensed in English (it can cover US and UK).

Top 50 Romance Mangaby Nozomi98

Having read over 100 Manga, these are the best Shoujo Manga. Ever. Trust me.

Favorites { manga }by ohjoooyce13

Alphabetical || Not complete (( mostly shoujo ))

Manga for Kidsby deideiblueeyez

Manga that's actually age-appropriate for children 9-12. In other words, manga that aren't inappropriate for my little sisters to read in my attempt to convert them into weeaboos.

Mangas I Really Likeby KawaiiBunny

All the manga listed are the really good ones that I personally really enjoyed reading and like more than other mangas.

The top 10 manga that I can never forgetby Jenaminya

This list was orginally made in 2011. The top ten is always hard to cut, there are many more series I would have wanted put on the list, but then it wouldn't be the top ten anymore.