Gakuen Alice

Alt title: Alice Academy

Vol: 31; Ch: 180
4.289 of 5 from 1,458 votes
Rank #627
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Mikan's best friend in the entire world, Hotaru, has moved away to a school for geniuses. Mikan misses her friend so much that she runs away to Tokyo to find the mysterious Alice Academy. However, once there, Mikan discovers that it is actually a secret school for children with special abilities. Alice Academy is filled with boys and girls who can do anything from make crazy inventions to control fire. In order to stay with her friend, Mikan tries to enter the Academy, but there's a catch: she doesn't have any special powers! Now Mikan must prove herself to her classmates in order to stay by Hotaru's side.


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pomegranate's avatar by pomegranate on Jan 9, 2011
Score 10/10

Gakuen Alice is an amazing work of art which I personally score a perfect 10/10. Rather, it should be a 100/10. It's indescribably brilliant, which has far surpassed my initial expectations, and from what I have read, Gakuen Alice exceeds every other with a better story, art and characters overall. Its just mind-blowing. STORY - Gakuen Alice has an in-depth storyline, and is unbelievably unique and original... read more

deideiblueeyez's avatar by deideiblueeyez on Mar 8, 2016
Score 7.5/10

Just a quick jotting down of personal notes and what I feel works (and doesn't work) as I re-read this manga. PROS -Likeable characters and a very likeable protagonist -Despite its 13+ rating, it's likely a good starter series for a kid just getting into manga (thinking about giving the first volume to my 10 year old sister for her to try out) -Actually pretty funny. Mikan is very dramatic without... read more

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