Vol: 12; Ch: 52
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Omurqi's avatar by Omurqi on Oct 2, 2009
Score: 6/10

This mini-review is based on the first 9 volumes of the Ga-Rei manga.With an (I can only asume) high-budget and awesome in nearly all aspects of awesomeness anime-prologue like that, surely the manga has to be something else, right? Wrong, well, it IS something else, but not in the good way. The first thing that bugged me, was that Kagura's personality is almost completely different from the anime... read more

JAhU's avatar by JAhU on Jun 23, 2014
Score: 5/10

Previously posted on the blog in a post titled Ga-rei... why, oh WHY?! I just finished reading Ga-rei and I must say I'm totally disappointed. The manga starts of as a decent (though somewhat generic) shounen. Boy meets girl (rather gets run over by her scooter) then boy and girl fight some evil spirits etc. It's that kind of cliche thing, but it's somewhat ok, until... gets extremely cheesy halfway... read more

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