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Future Diary

Alt titles: Mirai Nikki

Future Diary Cover Image
4.258 out of 5 from 2,230 votes
Rank #696


Yuki has isolated himself from his high school student life; even his cell phone reflects his detachment, since it only contains information about his surroundings. In his fantasies Yuki is chosen by his friend Deux Ex Machina to participate in a survival game of twelve people, each with a clairvoyant personal diary. The remaining survivor will become the new Lord of Time and Space. However, Yuki wakes from his fantasy to find that his dreams have become reality; his diary now has entries from the future about his surroundings, and he learns that his classmate Yuno is also participating. Even worse, Yuki finds an entry for his imminent Dead End. To stay alive he becomes Yuno's partner, but her diary only contains what will happen to her beloved Yuki. Yuno swears to protect Yuki and uphold her unwavering love for him; she will protect their bond, no matter who she has to get rid of.

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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Mirai Nikki Mosaic 2008 TBD
Mirai Nikki Paradox 2008 TBD
Mirai Nikki Redial 2013 TBD

Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Mirai Nikki OVA 2010 TBD
Mirai Nikki TV TV 2011 TBD
Mirai Nikki Redial OVA 2013 TBD
Name Role
Sakae ESUNO Artist
Sakae ESUNO Author

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Title Author Score Date
Future Diary Dowiet 8.5/10 Sep 21, 2013
Mirai Nikki Dowiet 8.5/10 Sep 21, 2013
Future Diary squidybit 5.5/10 Aug 21, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Favorite to Least Favorite Manga Plaz 30 Jun 25, 2014
Favorite Mangas Ebhen 10 Jun 25, 2014
Manga Made Into Live Action DragonNeko 51 Apr 8, 2014
Taikurikissa is reading Future Diary manga at 4 of 12 volumes
Minenorin read Future Diary at 12 of 12 volumes
Dimriky rated the Future Diary manga 4/5 stars
Dimriky read Future Diary at 12 of 12 volumes
USSEnterprise is reading Future Diary manga at 13 of 59 chapters

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Hoshi no Samidare

Hoshi no Samidare

Yuuhi Amamiya is a loner whose mistrust of people was instilled in him at a young age by his abusive grandfather. So when an annoying talking lizard tells the university student that he is one of twelve knights chosen to stop the gigantic "biscuit hammer" before it smashes the Earth to smithereens, Yuuhi has no inclination to rescue such an unkind world. Despite his apathy, the boy is targeted by a golem while going about his day-to-day life, and ends up teaming up with the other knights anyway. One of his new companions is Samidare Asahina, the "princess" and leader of the knights, who secretly is only trying to protect the Earth so she can destroy it herself! Entranced, Yuuhi swears eternal loyalty to this cheerful devil that promises to crush the world he despises.

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While at first glance these two manga may not seem to have a lot in common, they actually have a very similar feel. 

They both involve a relatively large group of charcters that are given a special power in order to achieve a specific goal. If you pay attention, you can see that these manga both really deal with how people think and act in certain situations and how things that happened in their past have contributed to the way their personalities are in the present. 

Finally, I must also metion in short that they are both seinen and they both have very strong lead female characters. 

Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso

Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso

Years ago, a kidnapping incident left a pair of victims with lasting psychological scars: Maa-chan is prone to violent mood swings, while Mii-kun's pathological lying shrouds his life in mystery. Now, when the news begins airing stories of kidnappings and serial murderers, Mii-kun moves into Maa-chan's house, in an effort to protect this girl who he has been through so much with. But can he save her from herself?

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Though the plots of these two manga have few similarities, the characters reminded me of each other. If you enjoyed the deeply flawed cast (the female lead in particular) from either of these manga, you should check out the other.