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Fuan no Tane

Fuan no Tane Cover Image
3.629 out of 5 from 113 votes
Rank #3,314

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
alterproalteris Reading 2   2 star rating
balina Reading 1   not rated
basedshark Reading     not rated
Chipay Reading 2   not rated
crashstylez Reading     not rated
daisy2332 Reading 2   4 star rating
deinijm Reading 1   3 star rating
Etienne Reading     4 star rating
Glorf Reading     not rated
HazaelTheReaper Reading     not rated
HypnoSquid Reading 1   4 star rating
Kayshin Reading 3   not rated
konijnendrap Reading     not rated
l3akemono Reading 1   3 star rating
ManaWalker Reading 1   not rated
razor06 Reading     not rated
SagiriDate Reading 2   3 star rating
sorefeet Reading 2   not rated
Sprinkles Reading 1   not rated
Taku731 Reading 2   3.5 star rating
TheOmega Reading     not rated
wriggle Reading     not rated