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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Cover Image
4.411 out of 5 from 4,774 votes
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Tohru Honda might just be the unluckiest girl around. After a series of unfortunate events Tohru has no place to call home - that is, until the wealthy yet cursed Sohma family offer to take her in, in exchange for performing the household chores. However, soon Tohru discovers that there's much more to the Sohma family than meets the eye. Though shocked and surprised, Tohru promises to keep their secrets; but will the Sohma family approve of an outsider knowing who they really are?


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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Fruits Basket TV 2001 Anime Adaptation
Name Role
Natsuki TAKAYA Artist
Natsuki TAKAYA Author

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Title Author Score Date
Fruits Basket happyanifriend 10/10 Nov 29, 2013
Fruits Basket Shinjiru 9/10 Sep 12, 2013
Fruits Basket Rebkkah 9.5/10 May 21, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Favorite Manga tokidoki23 5 Jun 23, 2014
summer 2014 reading list moeShana 24 Jun 19, 2014
Manga On My Bookshelf OKkuammiei 60 Jun 16, 2014
hellocuteness is reading Fruits Basket manga at 94 of 136 chapters
OrihimeChan read Fruits Basket at 23 of 23 volumes
brianthegreat read Fruits Basket at 23 of 23 volumes
Scooter rated the Fruits Basket manga 3.5/5 stars
Demwaffles is reading Fruits Basket manga at 1 of 23 volumes

Recommendations if you like Fruits Basket

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Two Flowers for the Dragon

Two Flowers for the Dragon

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Both manga are based around the 1 girl, 2 guys love triangle deal. The female leads are both cute and cheerful girls with a lot on their plate. They both have supernatural themes without being overly annoying about it (imo). If you liked one, I would say that you would almost definately enjoy the other.

Yume Miru Taiyou

Yume Miru Taiyou


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The layout of these series is very similar. You have the lone teenage girl who, for various reasons, can't live with her family and ends up living with some guys instead. Complicated relationships, dark secrets, teenage love and much hilarity follows.

If you liked either Yume Miru Taiyou of Fruits Basket you're sure to like the other!