Franken Fran

Vol: 8; Ch: 61
4.114 of 5 from 607 votes
Rank #1,342
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Franken Fran, creation of the absent Professor Madaraki, has a true gift when it comes to the scalpel: she can give you the perfect body, bring the dead to life or stitch people together so that they will never again be apart. Join Fran and her boy-headed cat as they learn about the human soul while carving up the human flesh. But ethics aside, can something beautiful come out of such ugly work, or is it doomed to remain ugly until the end? On the other hand, does it matter?

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thor123's avatar by thor123 on May 20, 2015
Score 7.7/10

This was definitely a very weird manga, which I started reading because I saw someone talk about it on the forums. There are warnings for the gore in this manga, but I don't particularly mind gore-scenes. What does make my stomach get upset is some of the twisted things that happen in these stories (yes, stories. It's really a collection of short stories, that are mostly unrelated). So the manga... read more

flyingtarantulas's avatar by flyingtarantulas on Jul 23, 2011
Score 10/10

Franken Fran is definetly one of my favorite mangas. It's funny, twisted, and just absolutely delightful if you like black comedy. The story has no definite plot, a plus in my opinion, because lots of mangas get do divulged in their plots, the originality and flavor of it is lost. The humor varies, outrageous at times, subtle at others, but always good. As for gore, if you have a problem standing... read more



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