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Forbidden Dance

Forbidden Dance Cover Image
3.701 out of 5 from 120 votes
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Aya Fujii was a star ballet dancer until she made a mistake at a national performance; from then on, she has been stricken with terrible stage fright and believes she could never dance again. However, things change when she sees a performance by COOL, an all-male ballet troupe. Aya is in awe of the group, but is particularly drawn to its leader Akira Hibiya. When she begs to join COOL, Akira tells her that she can join after she wins at the national competition - a seemingly-impossible task for the frightened Aya. Yet the more she falls for Akira and his dancing, the more determined she becomes to gain a spot in COOL.


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Hinako ASHIHARA Artist
Hinako ASHIHARA Author

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0.0-2.5 Stars: Manga jillyfish 118 Mar 11, 2011
Brightstone wants to read Forbidden Dance
Hachimitsuu read Forbidden Dance at 4 of 4 volumes
MikaShinigami read Forbidden Dance at 4 of 4 volumes
TaigaDee wants to read Forbidden Dance
qyubu read Forbidden Dance at 4 of 4 volumes

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Cat Street

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Keito Aoyama was a famous child actress until a traumatic event occurred, causing her to retire early. Afterwards, she refused to attend school and successfully shut out all of the people around her. Now, Keito has chosen to spend her days alone, until one day she meets a man who takes her to El Liston, a free school for people like Keito who don't fit in anywhere else. As Keito attempts to overcome her past, she learns to confide in others and befriends Rei, Kouichi, and Momiji. Will her friends be able to help her in this new stage of her life at El Liston, or is it already too late for Keito to start over?


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Forbidden Dance and Cat Street both have the same lost feeling to them.  The characters need to be shown a way to make their lives better and know what they really want to do.  The series are similar in the way the story is able to express the good intentions of the characters in them.