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Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca Cover Image
3.7 out of 5 from 607 votes
Rank #2,981

User Stats - Reading

Username Status Vols Ch Rating
0taKing Reading 33   4.5 star rating
1910tsuki Reading 1   3 star rating
AC1 Reading 2   not rated
Aellepi Reading 2   not rated
Agakax Reading     not rated
Aisutejina Reading 1   not rated
Akirakun Reading     not rated
aksharao Reading 5   4 star rating
amaya0013 Reading 13   5 star rating
ander Reading 3   not rated
AngelicNirvana Reading 1   4.5 star rating
aou Reading     not rated
bassa Reading     not rated
Bazette Reading 1   not rated
Bigonekris Reading     not rated
blackchocobo Reading 27   not rated
bluewishes Reading     not rated
Briggzy Reading 21   not rated
busylizzie Reading 1   not rated
Cadaveris Reading     not rated
cheerio380102 Reading 4   3.5 star rating
CirceBaka Reading 2   not rated
CrispHunter Reading   27 not rated
darkphantom Reading   6 not rated
darkraiders Reading 19   4.5 star rating
DeamonLordChaos867 Reading     not rated
Deathwray Reading     not rated
DITP Reading 3   not rated
domsmith13 Reading 3   not rated
dragonscape2 Reading     not rated
Drakanther Reading 8   3 star rating
ElJoey Reading     not rated
emblem124 Reading 29   5 star rating
emperortopaz Reading 4   4 star rating
fabituh Reading     not rated
fadedispirit Reading     not rated
falariz Reading 18   not rated
finapliks Reading   189 5 star rating
Finkzter109 Reading 4   4 star rating
Firehazrd Reading 3   not rated
FlamingShadows Reading 23   3.5 star rating
flufffycow Reading 33   not rated
fshadowflare Reading 24   4.5 star rating
Fuma Reading     not rated
Gajeel Reading 8   5 star rating
GoneToLunch Reading 3   not rated
Goomoonryong Reading   72 4.5 star rating
GothicalSoul Reading     not rated
graafnacula Reading 3   4 star rating
gunesthestrange Reading     not rated