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Fantasista Cover Image
4.24 out of 5 from 71 votes
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Michiteru KUSABA Artist
Michiteru KUSABA Author

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SPORTS Fated 25 Jan 30, 2011
Thatobliviousguy is reading Fantasista manga at 133 of 222 chapters
Thatobliviousguy is reading Fantasista manga at 16 of 25 volumes
Thatobliviousguy is reading Fantasista manga at 9 of 25 volumes
tranthanhlong1 is reading Fantasista manga at 22 of 25 volumes
tranthanhlong1 rated the Fantasista manga 5/5 stars

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Fantasista and Initial D, have very little in common on the outside, for starters, ones about soccer and the other deals with drag racing. However, underneath this exterior, they have very specific things in common. Both have main characters with extreme amounts of raw talent for their specific sport. They are both too young to be that good, and have honed their talents by practicing their whole life on their own. The stories began this way, and develop with both characters going from great, to amazing to astonishing in their feats. Also, they both gather friends/rivals who equal them in skills, producing high tension, and action pact races/games.

If any of these things are what draws you to one, than I greatly recommend you check out the other.