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personal manga listby flawlesspizza

manga that i really love and i really enjoy/enjoyed reading warning i do say " READ IT" alot here so if you hate that then yay or something!

Manga with overpowered (OP) charactersby sothis

Overpowered characters easily rise above the conflicts of their story. When competition is involved, they use their intelligence, fighting prowess or pure raw power to win with ease, always staying ten steps ahead. This is a list voted on by the...

Favorite Series by Genreby NickKnight

My favorite series (manga and LNs) sorted by genre. Only awards based on critic/merits will be listed (Shokagukan, Seiun, KLNGS), awards based solely on popularity will be ignored (Kodansha Award). «Runner up between brackets means that it also...

My Favourite Manga/Light Novels (So Far)by Theotakusyko

Just a list of my favourite manga so far haven't read a lot of them but just a decent amount of them. There are some that I am currently reading and some that are being stalled couple series that I'm catching or some that I have catch up to when...

Manga I Ownby Warterne

List of manga I own. Lined up from the oldest to newest (time i purchased them).

Manga/Light Novels i Ownby pzykosiz

What I have in my collection