Eyeshield 21



Anudevil13's avatar By Anudevil13 on Dec 4, 2013

Eyeshield 21 was my 1st Sports Manga, and I'm glad it was. Since the amount of goodness in it made me explore Sports genre a lot.


Eyeshield21 is story about a weak boy named Sena Kobayakawa ,who is always bullied and while escaping from them is saw by the School's sole american football members Hiruma Yoichi and Kurita Ryokan and hence recruited by them(more like forced) to join the Club due to his extremely fast speed.

Then begans the adventure- Its the last chance to Win Christmas Bowl for the 2 seniors- Hiruma and Kurita. So the conquest to get new members begin, The team finds many promosing candidates and the training from hell begins. Read as how the team fights its Opponents - Gains victories and suffers losses to get their Ultimate Goal. The story gives adequate information about the Game and its rules- making even an newbie get the game.


The art of eyeshield was certainly not the best, but was also not bad. The charcters were drawn nicely with some having unique styles - like pointy ears of hiruma resembling devil ears and Kurita having Egghead head.


What could be better in a manga then story itself?The answers is characters. Eyshield21 features a huge cast of charcters with all having differnt personality's

Hiruma Yoichi- The Brains of team, who has plan for everything along with his little black diary which has dirt on almost everyone in mangaverse.

Kurita Ryokan- The fatty who eats a lot (seriously lot) but is kind, emotional(too dman much) and great powerhouse.

Sena- The weakling with god tier legs who makes himself strong and gains courage.

Raimon Tairo- The Monkey Boy- acts like monkey, walks like one, eats like one, talks like one and brain like one too ._. . That aside a great reciever who has nothing to do but CATCH MAX!!!.

Komisubi- The ideal apprentice anyone can hope for- Master!!! / The Ha Ha  brothers- group of 3 deliquents who have been always together and say HAAA together hence the name . and yet all 4 are brilliant Lineman

Yukimitsu- the Nerd with weak stamina/ Taki- The Brilliant Idiot/Mamori- the caring girl nicknamed Mother~

and lots more chars to keep u lued with each having different personality


Eyeshield21 is a great manga to read for any sport lover or casual reader.

10/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall