Eyeshield 21

Vol: 37; Ch: 333
4.434 out of 5 from 1,321 votes
Rank #141
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Ever since Sena was little, everyone has treated him as an errand boy. His childhood friend, Mamori, even has to protect him from bullies all the time, although she's a girl. Fortunately, in order to evade his tormentors, Sena has developed incredibly fast legs; in fact, Sena is so fast that he is noticed by Himura, the quarterback of a failing football team, who promptly tricks him into joining. However, in order to keep other teams from scouting him, and to keep Mamori from finding out that he's in such a dangerous sport, Sena wears an eyeshield and goes by the name of "Eyeshield 21". For someone like Sena, making it in the tough world of football is a challenge like no other, but also the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become someone others respect!


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