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When Mifune fell hands first into Chiharu's bulbous, bulging bosoms one day, he had no idea his life would change forever. For the girl is a member of Eiken, a school club filled with busty beauties such as banana-loving Kirika and the exceptionally top-heavy child Komoe, and they've decided to recruit the boy as one of their own! With perverted situations at every turn, Mifune finds himself in frequent compromising positions, whether the group is barbequing on vacation, participating in a school 'endurance challenge' or fending off sexual advances from friends and family.

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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Eiken OVA 2003 Anime Adaptation The Eiken OVA is a very loose adaptation of the first chapter of volume 1, and a chapter of volume 3 of the manga. The OVA has a large amount of new content and several new characters.
Name Role
Seiji MATSUYAMA Artist
Seiji MATSUYAMA Author

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Stuff to get Amethyst to read Tenashko 10 Jul 30, 2011
Doing Good - Reading_* Kandyy 21 Oct 26, 2009
undertaker667 won't read Eiken
YoungHiFi wants to read Eiken
Hupiom stalled Eiken at 6 of 18 volumes
Zhyklon wants to read Eiken
Hupiom stalled Eiken at 6 of 18 volumes

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