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Earthian Cover Image
3.482 out of 5 from 37 votes
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Earthian OVA 1989 Anime Adaptation
Name Role
Yun KOUGA Artist
Yun KOUGA Author

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aqualin read Earthian at 5 of 5 volumes
destinyislands removed the Earthian manga from their manga list
AngryJellyfish read Earthian at 5 of 5 volumes
AngryJellyfish is reading Earthian manga at 5 of 5 volumes
Sianeka recommended Earthian manga for 9th Sleep manga

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9th Sleep

9th Sleep

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If you are a fan of either Earthian or 9th Sleep, you will most likely enjoy the other story. Both concern themselves with supernatural beings (gods in Sleep's case, angels in Earthian) who are separate from normal humans, and yet have one main character who takes an exceptional benevolent interest in human welfare. Both stories also feature odds that character must overcome to act on this interest.

Both stories give the same feeling, and create the same atmosphere. There is an air almost of detachment and some disdain, about how the supernaturals view humans, in general.

9th Sleep tells it's story in one volume, whereas Earthian spreads it out over four volumes. If you liked one of these stories, I do recommend you check out the other.