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Duds Hunt

Duds Hunt Cover Image
3.662 out of 5 from 127 votes
Rank #3,163


Nakanishi is fresh out of reform school and stuck at a dead-end job with an abusive boss. But when an internet friend tells him about a game called Duds Hunt, he soon becomes deeply involved in a new life full of excitement and violence. Reaping thousands of yen from the misfortunes of others, Nakanishi comes to love Duds Hunt – but where does it end?

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Name Role
Tetsuya TSUTSUI Artist
Tetsuya TSUTSUI Author

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Title Author Score Date
Duds Hunt Thrawn 9/10 Jan 7, 2011
MrsTheCherry wants to read Duds Hunt
SoylentGreen rated the Duds Hunt manga 2/5 stars
KiritoKyouma wants to read Duds Hunt
Winry5 read Duds Hunt at 1 of 1 volumes
insatiable rated the Duds Hunt manga 2.5/5 stars

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Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi

Once the undefeated champion of the street fighting game Bl@ster, Akira now fights for an entirely different cause. Having been framed for murder and given the choice of life in prison or exoneration for a price, he chose to take the latter, heading for the lawless district of Toshima. There, Akira is to fight in Igura, a game where the winner of each match receives special tags, and the loser loses his life. Alongside his longtime friend Keisuke and experienced Igura competitor Rin, Akira must now battle it out in Igura, try to avoid the sadistic enforcers that roam the streets, and complete his mission: to defeat Il Re and take down the drug company Vischio.

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Togainu no Chi and Duds Hunt definitely aren't the same feel-wise, but both revolve around a high stakes, brutal game where the consequences are extreme and the rewards are great.



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Games of survival, of life-or-death, where the prize is wealth and the thrill of the hunt. Both series have their action but neither neglect to dive into the psychological component concerning a regular schmoe who partakes in a game where you have to take someone else's life.