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Dragons Rioting

Dragons Rioting
4.14 out of 5 from 131 votes
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Tsuyoshi WATANABE Artist

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En3mick rated the Dragons Rioting manga 3/5 stars
En3mick is reading Dragons Rioting
Furuoni rated the Dragons Rioting manga 5/5 stars
Furuoni is reading Dragons Rioting manga at 1 of ? volumes
Furuoni is reading Dragons Rioting

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In the world of martial arts there's one name that strikes fear in the hearts of others: Kunitoshi. As a child, the boy took down expert opponents young and old, but as a result of his abnormal abilities he was unfamiliar with hardships. Therefore his father decided to put limiters on Kunitoshi's body, sapping him of half his original strength. But even with his handicap, Kunitoshi is highly sought after by both his classmates and teachers alike, who are eager to be trained by such a skilled fighter. Alongside busty companions such as Rin, Hou Mei and Akemi, Kunitoshi will battle countless enemies while trying to find a way to remove his body's limiters.

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They both contain beautiful martial arts women and over the top action and moves, while their main characters couldn't be more different. One is a legendary martial arts genius who can't keep his perversion in check, while the other strived to become a martial arts genius to keep his perversion in check. The humor and martial arts mayhem are both high along with the variety of characters(a bunch of random nut jobs)