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One day, a man entered a temple that housed forty-eight statues possessed by demons and made a deal: in exchange for ultimate power, they could each take a piece of his soon-to-be born son. Soon after the child came into the world and the demons held up their end of the bargain; the man then left the crippled child in the river to die. Found by a kind doctor, the boy grew older with the help of prosthetic limbs and enhanced senses, but soon demons began to follow him, and the boy - who his new father named Hyakkimaru - left to find a way to complete himself. He searches for the forty-eight demons; each one he vanquishes returns a piece of his body. Alongside the child thief Dororo, Hyakkimaru travels from place to place, hoping to one day become whole.

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Anime Relations

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Dororo to Hyakkimaru TV 1969 TBD
Name Role
Osamu TEZUKA Artist
Osamu TEZUKA Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Tezuka TheHistoryFollower 9 Aug 25, 2013
Manga In My Collection Wickerman 14 Aug 31, 2012
My Favorite Manga sothis 27 Nov 26, 2009
luminus1234 dropped Dororo manga at 3 of 4 volumes
luminus1234 dropped Dororo
luminus1234 stalled Dororo
pornopis rated the Dororo manga 3.5/5 stars
pornopis read Dororo at 4 of 4 volumes

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Most of the chapters of Dororo end with our heroes being told to leave the village that they just saved from demons. When I noticed this I immediately thought of how Luffy's pirate crew in One Piece has to leave the island that they just saved from bad pirates at the end of every arc. And their both shounen action manga. If you like one you should read the other.