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Domu: A Child's Dream

Alt titles: A Child's Dream

Domu: A Child's Dream Cover Image
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 6
  • 1980
3.712 out of 5 from 112 votes
Rank #2,986


Residents of a sprawling apartment complex are gripped by terror as dozens of tenants commit suicide over several months. The police are baffled. What no one realizes is that a malicious psychic force has gained control over the complex, and it isn't until a young girl moves in with her family, a girl gifted with her own psychic arsenal, that the source of the chaos is finally revealed...

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Katsuhiro OTOMO Artist
Katsuhiro OTOMO Author

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My Absolute fave mangas Ittermat 44 Mar 19, 2014
manga I enjoyed most grsh 43 Sep 17, 2013
All Time Favourite Manga. EatStatic 11 Aug 11, 2013
bloargnen is reading Domu: A Child's Dream manga at 4 of 6 chapters
UnknownOrthodox won't read Domu: A Child's Dream
bloargnen rated the Domu: A Child's Dream manga 4.5/5 stars
bloargnen is reading Domu: A Child's Dream manga at 2 of 6 chapters
bloargnen is reading Domu: A Child's Dream manga at 3 of 6 chapters

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In the aftermath of WWIII Tokyo was re-built as Neo-Tokyo; thirty-eight years later it has become a major metropolis. With the memory of the war and reconstruction fading, corruption, criminality and civil strife are threatening to tear the city apart. The military has a secret project developing humans with psychic powers which they hope will help Neo-Tokyo solve its problems. However, when one of the test subjects escapes and hides with one of the biker gangs plaguing the city, the military does everything it can to recover its test subject and cover up the existence of its research program...

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Both manga are by the same author and thus share similar art styles.  Additionally, both have strong elements of psychic powers and focus on young characters with great power and responsibility.


Both manga are - basically - about psychic powers and how they affect the world, the people around the users and the users themselves. Lots of destruction and action and, since their done by the same person, a cinematic style that permeates the work. It should perhaps be mentioned that the art style is very similar as well.


Not only are they both by the same author, with a very similar art style, they are also both about psychic powers and have a similar theme in that regard. If you like one, then the other is a must read!


They both have the same feel to them overall and are both manga which raised the bar dramatically. If you happened to like one absolutely check out the other!