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Doing Time

Alt titles: Keimusho no Naka

Doing Time Cover Image
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At the S penitentiary in Hokkaido, every minute of every day is meticulously scheduled. Inmates are tasked with repetitive menial labor, such as assembling paper bags and carving designs on trinkets, and given three round meals every day at exactly the same time. In his tiny four-person cell, a man incarcerated for illicit firearms possession passes his monotonous three-year sentence by reading and having the same trivial conversations with his cellmates day after day, knowing that obeying orders without thinking will help the days, and the sentences, fly by.

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Kazuichi HANAWA Artist
Kazuichi HANAWA Author

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Catsy dropped Doing Time at 1 of 1 volumes
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Catsy dropped Doing Time at 1 of 1 volumes
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Another autobiographical work with a similar emotionally detached, matter-of-fact manner of storytelling. The intent of both seems more to educate than entertain, and in reading both you'll certainly learn oodles about Japanese society (the penal system in Doing Time, and manga making/the history of gekiga in A Drifting Life).