DistopiA - Mikansei na Sekai

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Takuro, the main character, is a stereotyped, low self esteem, adult male in a dead end job. Because he feels he has nothing to live for, he let himself go, becoming fat, miserable, and lonely. The only shining thing he lives for is the occasional visit to a brothel where his savings will allow him to atleast not be completely sexless. This is when, through a real life friend of his, he is introduced to the virtual reality world of "The Unreal". Where, after spending $6000+ on equipment, you can purchase a virtual girlfriend who only thinks of you. Only the girl, Tsukiko, that Takuro purchases, seems to have come with a few defects.

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Reasons you might like Ressentiment...

zanygrape zanygrape says...

Video game in which the MC tries to make the other character fall in love with him. Ressentiment was Straight while DistopiA is gay. 

DistopiA copped out of its seriousness while ressentiment was almost painful