Devil May Cry 3

Vol: 2; Ch: 9
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Devil May Cry 3

Long ago the world was split in two: the realm of darkness inhabited by demons, and a land of light where humans dwell. When the king of the dark world decided to unite the two lands, a war broke out that was ended by a dark knight named Sparda. Now the legend of Sparda is nothing but a fairytale, and while most have forgotten it, the bloodline still lives on. Dante is Sparda’s half-human son who, using his twin guns Ebony and Ivory, works as a demon-slayer for hire. One day, his friend Enzo tells him of a new job and with a hefty reward on the line, Dante accepts. In order to claim his reward, Dante must locate a missing girl named Alice, but when his search leads him to a nightmarish wonderland, he must confront his past as he becomes involved in a plan to break the seal to the demonic realm and engulf the world in darkness once more...

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Melodux Jun 9, 2011
Score 8/10

WARNING! THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS OF BOTH THE DEVIL MAY CRY 3 VIDEO GAME AND THE DEVIL MAY CRY 3 MANGA! The way the makers summarized the manga on the front and back covers of it, they made the reader think that it was a manga adaption of the video game. But really, it was a nice little prequel to the 3rd game. It gave some cool {slightly irrelevant} facts that give you more insight on the game... read more

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