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Denpa Kyoushi

Denpa Kyoushi Cover Image
  • Vol: 10+; Ch: 114+
  • 2011 - ?
4.303 out of 5 from 385 votes
Rank #544


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Main Characters

Junichiro KAGAMI image Junichiro KAGAMI heart unheart
Suzune KAGAMI image Suzune KAGAMI heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Koyomi HIIRAGI image Koyomi HIIRAGI


heart unheart
Makina MOMOZONO image Makina MOMOZONO heart unheart
Minako KANOU image Minako KANOU heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Kiriko SHIKISHIMA image Kiriko SHIKISHIMA heart unheart
Kitayama MINAMI image Kitayama MINAMI


heart unheart
Miho KITOU image Miho KITOU heart unheart
Ogami image Ogami heart unheart
Seijuurou NANAMI image Seijuurou NANAMI heart unheart