Dengeki Daisy

Vol: 16; Ch: 75
4.492 out of 5 from 2,568 votes
Rank #63
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Before Teru’s brother died, he gave her a special cellphone connected to "Daisy", a boy who would be there to look out for her whenever she needs someone. One year later and Teru continues to send mails to the mysterious Daisy, but she still has no idea who he actually is. One day, after accidentally breaking a window at school, Teru meets the rude school janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki, who insists she work off the cost of repairing the damage. But there’s more to this grouchy caretaker than meets the eye as in reality he is the Daisy who has been watching over Teru for all this time! With no intention of letting the lonely girl know his true identity, Tasuku must attempt to help Teru without being discovered, but can he really keep up the act, and just why is he taking care of her in the first place?

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Jcoe096's avatar by Jcoe096 on Oct 22, 2010
Score: 10/10

Loved this series! Its so funny! The story line was creative, the art was very well done, and the characters...awesome!!!! read more

iamnikki's avatar by iamnikki on Apr 9, 2015
Score: 8/10

Dengeki Daisy; (light spoiler alert!)
One of the few manga's who actually had me shedding tears. I have to admit, it is "just another shoujo manga," but there are several elements in it, that kept me hooked. I read through it all, in just two sittings. Even if their age difference is bigger than most readers enjoy (though to me, that makes things more interesting), it has a challenging... read more



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