Demon Diary

Alt title: Mawang Ilgi

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Koori no Mamono no Monogatari

Koori no Mamono no Monogatari

Ishuca is a man who has been told he is going to die. So as to not disturb anyone, he travels to a remote cave where he encounters an ancient demon known as Blood; trapped in the ice for centuries, Blood is about to eat Ishuca when the man offers his body to the demon. While Ishuca then dies naturally, Blood is so touched by the man's kindness that he inadvertently revives him with his tears. Together, the two set off on a grand adventure and unintentionally try to breach the rift between humans and demons; for they are not as different as they may seem to be.


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aniytlia aniytlia says...

Both extremely cute centering around the love of two male characters. Both are fantasies with bunches of humor and "OmiGod That's so cute!" moments abound. Both main characters fall in love with a demon, but the plots are entirely different, so it's not like reading the exact same story either.

AriaEleanor AriaEleanor says...

Bot manga centres around relationship between former "ordinary" human and demon. In both there is some kind of journey where "human" learns about demon world.

Koori no mamono has more action and is more thrilling and might brign you on werge of crying (which i wouldn't say about DD), but it's still so sweet... 

Demon Diary, on contrary, is  more cute :3 

Artwork is really great and if you like bishies, your heart will squee with joy :) 

Hitomi Kara Destiny

Hitomi Kara Destiny

Umi used to be a very sickly girl when she was young. One time, she was on the verge of death after contracting a high fever, but then her fever magically disappeared, leaving behind a star-shape mark on her forehead with the color of the ocean. Now a sixteen-year-old girl, Umi dreams of finding love and having a boyfriend like many other girls her age. There's one guy at school whom she's really interested in, but things don't really go the way she wants them to, with another guy showing up out of nowhere... Not to mention, that guy isn't just your average guy...

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Reasons you might like Hitomi Kara Destiny...

chii chii says...

Both anime are about demon's that have to finish off what they started and get into a relationship in some form. Hitomi kara Destiny is shoujo and short where Demon Diary is shounen-ai and more fleshed out because it is longer, but if you enjoyed one you'll like the other as well.