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Deep Love - Reina no Unmei

Deep Love - Reina no Unmei Cover Image
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 3
  • 2005
4.147 out of 5 from 221 votes
Rank #1,056


Reina, a nineteen-year-old single mother, was raped and impregnated while in high school. She chooses to keep the child and lives with her mother, who works to support both of them. Reina falls in love with Akira, a cosmetic artist, but when she tells him that she was raped, he breaks up with her. To make matters worse her mother is hospitalized due to exhaustion and her daughter falls down a flight of stairs resulting in the loss of her sight. Now that all hope seems lost, will Reina be able to survive or will the reality of the cruel world prove to be too much for her?


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Manga Relations

Manga Name Year Relation Type More Info
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari 2004 TBD
Deep Love - Real 2004 TBD
Deep Love - Host 2005 TBD
Name Role
Yuu YOSHII Artist
Yoshi Author

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Good Manga's unforgivable 21 Jan 26, 2012
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Deep Love Bessie 0 Jul 24, 09
Catsy read Deep Love - Reina no Unmei at 1 of 1 volumes
karka read Deep Love - Reina no Unmei at 1 of 1 volumes
heaben read Deep Love - Reina no Unmei at 1 of 1 volumes
emsamm rated the Deep Love - Reina no Unmei manga 3.5/5 stars
emsamm read Deep Love - Reina no Unmei at 1 of 1 volumes

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Both are about sex trade working women who find love and struggle to keep it along with their sanity. Personally I liked Sakuran more, but they're both good in their own way. If you like one, you'll probably like the other.