Deadman Wonderland

Vol: 13; Ch: 57
4.29 of 5 from 3,741 votes
Rank #616
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Middle school student Ganta Igarashi witnessed the slaughter of his entire class by the mysterious 'Red Man', and as the only survivor, he was labeled a mass murderer and sentenced to death. Now an inmate at the privately-owned prison and ‘amusement park' known as Deadman Wonderland, Ganta must try to survive in a place where inmates are the main attraction in brutal gladiator-style games. At the same time, he must attempt to uncover the truth behind the ‘Red Man', his mysterious childhood friend Shiro, and why he was the only survivor that bloody day.

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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Jan 25, 2014
Score 9.3/10

Story: Framed for mass murder, wanton slaughter and 16 other assorted accounts, Ganta is found guilty and is sentenced to Deadman Wonderland, a jail where the public can watch some fun death games and badass blood fights. Family friendly fun for all! I should also mention that it's a literal wonderland, with the jail smack dab in the center of an amusement park, complete with a ferris wheel. That's how they... read more

Ahobaka's avatar by Ahobaka on Nov 8, 2015
Score 8.5/10

In a word Deadman Wonderland manga is awesome. It's twisted and people get sliced into pieces. Interesting and original, with a lot gore and tragic. The story indeed is interesting and unique. I love the idea of the prison where people come to see prisoners "perform" and all the matches and stuff were really interesting. The plot is quite easy to follow too and it's kind of funny how... read more

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