Dawn - Tsumetai Te

Vol: 6; Ch: 37
3.88 out of 5 from 83 votes
Rank #2,310
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Takashi Nagasawa wishes he could once more be a typical high school student. For after being bitten by a rat in the science lab, he discovers he's become infected with Nightshift, a disease that turns its host into a zombie. As the infection is still a mystery, Takashi finds himself under the close scrutiny of a shady doctor who instructs him to hunt down others that have completely turned, so that his friends and loved ones can remain safe from harm. Takashi must now try to balance his school life, a budding crush with his classmate Kyouko, and must try to survive his affliction, all the while doing the biddings of the mysterious doctor.

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Catsy's avatar by Catsy on Dec 9, 2014
Score: 8/10

I've had this series on my MAL for a while. Dawn Tsumetai Te is a 38-chapter horror manga aimed at girls. This is obvious by the fact that the art is quite feminine and simple and the characters are the main focus of the storyline (it even comes with a romance subplot). Takashi Nagasawa is a regular high school boy who is a bit quiet and keeps to himself. On the way home one night, he sees a car crash and... read more



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