Dance in the Vampire Bund

Vol: 14; Ch: 82
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Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes is the ruler of all vampires who has just moved to Japan. After the Tokyo government granted her an offshore island known as the "Bund" for paying off the entirety of the country’s debt, Mina has decided to set up a special vampire district in the middle of the city’s harbour, a choice that’s far from popular. With many people after her life, she is in need of a full-time servant and bodyguard and her choice is Akira Kaburagi, a member of the respected Earth Clan. Now Akira must work to keep Mina safe and attend to her every whim as the young princess attends school. But what exactly are Mina’s motives for setting up the vampire district in the first place, and just who is behind all the attempts upon her life?

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sam105 Feb 19, 2015
Score 10/10

I find this story very heart warming. The story is about bonds, either it's friendship, love or blood-pacts between vampires. Each and every volume is good in it's own way but in some cases i find it hard for Yuki since she also loves Akira but now it seems like her love was never been important in the first place since everything revolves around Mina. I hope in the upcoming series she will also get some... read more

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deejaydave May 17, 2015
Score 10/10

I am a massive fan of this series, including the spin of stories "Memories of Sledge Hammer" and "Dive in the Vampire Bund". The story, for me, is character and plot driven in equal measures. For instance Princess Mina can be hard and cruel, but also has a compassionate side to her. All the main characters have this pseudo-duality about them, which makes them more endearing and more... read more

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