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Custom Lists

Licensed in Englishby Yakoz92

List of completed and ongoing manga and light novels that are licensed in English (it can cover US and UK).

Manga Cultsby trottolina

Check out the Cultist Club in the forums for Manga that are little read, but much appreciated! These are the club entries I endorse.

Manga I'll Re-readby LinguisticFanatic

Some manga are worth one or two reads, and then there's some that I can never re-read enough. These are my picks.

Sports manga collectionby FullmetalPirate

Plan on reading these series and eventually making a top sports manga list.

Planned Manga Buysby BokutoPrecinct

A handful of the manga I am going to buy soon, (Personal Note: refer to MAL + TM shop for others)

For My Bookshelfby MisyRose

Mangas licensed in English that I want on my bookshelf someday.