Crazy Girl Shin Bia


Stephy's avatar By on Jan 4, 2013

"Crazy girl Shin Bia" is a manhwa I personally read in korean. I dont think this matters whether you read it in english or korean. 

The story line is fantastic, it diplays a contrast with the modern world vs ancient era. "Bia" is a highschool girl who is very tough, good at fighting, is lazy, a moneylover yet beautiful. If you like a strong female lead, this is right for you.

The story starts off as a "real life highschool concept" however as the story progresses, a touch of fantasy is seen. The modern day "Bia" is chased and is in a life threatening situation as the "ancient day Bia" dies, modern day bia is brought to the ancient world. 

If you've seen the korean drama or read the manhwa "goong/ Palace", this is the right manhwa for you.  I personally love "hwang mi ri" (the authors)'s art and drawings, if you've loved this authors other published manhwas, this is no different.


10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall