Crazy For You

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May 14, 2012

Remember when you first started to write stories in school? There was this guidline given by your teacher about where exactly should the climax be and how exactly should you bulid it? Crazy For You is like that guidline for tangled relationships.

This is not a bad thing. All this means is the plot is simple.

But what it does do is make the plot very, very cliche. You are introduced to five characters who you soon find out become intwined in complicated love relationships. By the time volume 1 is finished, it is quite apparent where the plot is headed. Still, as this is as basic as a tangled relationship can get, anyone who enjoys such stories should put this manga high on their priority.

What a guidline doesn't constrict is the emotions that the characters portray. This is where Crazy For You does trascend over lots of other shoujo manga. This doesn't mean that the character personalities of the manga aren't cliche (because Sachi is still that naive girl we've seen so many times), instead the emotions that the characters have and express because of their love are REAL. We understand exactly what they feel when they cry, laugh or feel their heart is being torn apart. We understand why they choose to hold the emotions in or let them out. I know that this doesn't sound that impressive but many stories out there just can't use emotions to create a character that doesn't seem distant. On the other hand, the characters in this manga express feelings exactly like how we express ours and we can pick people we know that are similar to them. Their emotions bring us through the story.

Crazy for You is a fun read. But as it really is quite cliche, the climax points are quite minimized. Instead, in depth emotions is what makes the story, even though slightly unbelievable at times, relatable to us and we end up liking and feeling the need to support the characters in the story. 

7/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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