Alt title: Konbinin

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2.73 of 5 from 136 votes
Rank #9,966

The story revolves around a convenience store "Paraiso". The store was once very successful and attracted quite a crowd because of its "unique" employees. But suddenly, various weird mishaps started happening one after another in the store, making it lose its popularity and making the customers believe it's cursed. A fresh college graduate, Ichinotani Hikaru, going to a job interview, somehow ends up getting forced into a job in this store. What kind of fate awaits him now?

Source: MU

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Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Mar 6, 2013
Score 6/10

Story: It's nonsensical, it's stupid, it's shamelessly perverted in it's perverted progression and it's crazy, absolutely bug nuts absurd. The progression is progress, it continues as if it's natural and it does feel natural in a way. It flows, doesn't feel disjointed or frazzled but what's in the flow is a load of crap. It's- Ugh. A convenience store, run by ****-san (No, really. Unless you want me to call... read more

MikeSinner's avatar
MikeSinner Apr 6, 2012
Score 5/10

A little ecchi nonsense story you can use to kill some time. (like 30 minutes.)
Boobies, funnies and complete randomness.
Really, not much else to say I guess...
Except to avoid if you don't like nudity that happnes just because the artist could. read more



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