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Conveni-N Cover Image
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 8
  • 2006
2.985 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #6,150


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Name Role
Haru WAMUSATO Artist
Haru WAMUSATO Author

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Title Author Score Date
Conveni-N Thrawn 6/10 Mar 6, 2013
Conveni-N MikeSinner 5/10 Apr 6, 2012
TetraSky rated the Conveni-N manga 2/5 stars
TetraSky read Conveni-N at 1 of 1 volumes
kamidesuXX read Conveni-N at 1 of 1 volumes
AkaikeM read Conveni-N at 1 of 1 volumes
AkaikeM read Conveni-N at 1 of 1 volumes

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While the plot development of Conveni-N is batshit insane and makes no damn sense in any way, Asa Made Jugyou Chu!'s plot development is just plain retarded. But it's alright because both are shamelessly perverted with a healthy dose of nudity, way, way more for Asa Made despite the cover of Conveni-N. Characters are as deep as a puddle, logic is short and fanservice is at an all-time high, just come for the low brain-cell requirement and art. Neither are really good in any other way.