Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

Vol: 5; Ch: 26
3.115 of 5 from 574 votes
Rank #7,246
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An alternate Code Geass story in which Lelouch's fate is unknown after his meeting with C.C., whether he is dead or alive. Nunnally makes a Geass contract and gains the power to read the lines of the future. She also obtains a new body and takes up piloting an unusual Knightmare Frame.

Source: MU

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SwordsManIV's avatar by SwordsManIV on Jan 9, 2010
Score 10/10

Out of all the Code Geass mangas, this is the top manga must reads. The story is set on Nunnally the youger sister of Lelouch; which whom is the one granted power of the kings. She believes Lelouch was killed while walking through the getto of Japan; now called Area 11. The power she is given grants her the ability to see the lines of the future; (as of used in the anime during the last few episodes). The manga... read more

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